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Mesa Boogie MESA-2 PROD
Mesa Boogie Prodigy Four:88 All Tube Bass Head
Mesa Boogie Prodigy Four:88 All Tube Bass Head
Mesa Boogie Prodigy Four:88 All Tube Bass Head

Mesa Boogie Prodigy Four:88 All Tube Bass Head

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Detailed Description

Mesa Boogie Prodigy Four:88 All Tube Bass Head

Finally, a compact, portable tube bass amp that packs the massive tone and addictive feel only possible from tubes, into a midsized “lunchbox” package – Weighs Only 29lbs.


This 3-position switch allows selection of three different Input configurations, two of which are voicing options and an Input pad for Active Instruments. Select the option that best suits your tonal/stylistic needs and impedance/headroom requirements.

  • NORMAL offers a brighter, more detailed Tone and can also give the impression of a more responsive or faster feel. This Input would be the choice anytime your looking for a more present or forward sound with enhanced top end characteristics and a more detailed spectrum of upper harmonics. There is also a bit of a midrange scoop that adds to the more defined top end. While the name suggests that this position might be more suited to more traditional or passive instruments, this is not always the case - so don’t be afraid to try NORMAL for an exciting sound with Active Basses as well. It will also bring up a snappy, alive sound that has more bounce and clarity for vintage style basses that is really fun to play. The impression of headroom and more full-range EQ curve of the NORMAL Input creates a crisp, superbly clean sound with these more traditional instruments that will likely take them down some new avenues.
  • VINTAGE provides a purposeful “Low-Fi” sounding alternative to the crisp and detailed sound of the NORMAL Input setting. This jack also gives the impression of lower headroom while as it features a rounder, warmer Tone that is perfect for old school sounds and classic passive Basses. This input takes a little less signal to drive the preamp and therefore will be better if you are looking to add a little push or soft-clip to your sound. This setting also may be preferable for overdriven or clipped sounds as the less prominent top end will produce a more musical clip and help avoid ratty or buzzy distortion characteristics. Because of this more sensitive input setting, more modern Basses with higher output pickups will probably start to run out of headroom and break up sooner - possibly before you want them to. It will not hurt the amplifier to run active instruments in the VINTAGE Input and in fact - you may want to use this to your advantage in certain musical scenarios. However, if you are looking for the most Hi-Fi tonal response and greatest headroom you will likely find better performance by using the ACTIVE Input.
  • ACTIVE provides the proper Input scheme for instruments that incorporate an on-board preamp or pickups that utilize active electronics in their pickup harness. This jack can receive the highest signal level before clipping and therefore provides the greatest headroom for these higher output instruments. EQ-wise, ACTIVE is voiced much like the NORMAL setting and provides the full spectrum of upper harmonics and this clarity and detail reinforces nicely the higher headroom nature of this Input setting. While there is more headroom - and therefore ACTIVE requires a hotter signal to bring the whole amp to full power - don’t be afraid to try it for a different sound with passive Basses as well. One thing is for sure, you won’t be running out of clean headroom at the INPUT if you run you passive instrument in the ACTIVE setting. You may use this to your advantage when looking for the cleanest possible sound with these traditional Basses, just keep in mind you may see higher settings on both GAIN and MASTER than you’re accustomed to in order to achieve the volume you want for this hyper-clean Tone.

BIAS ADJUST: OPERATE / SET-METER / SET LED It's important to note that the only reason bias control is necessary is because the current tolerance range of available KT-88's are unfortunately much wider than that of 6L6's, 34's or 84's. Located on top of the chassis is a 3-position mini-toggle switch, along side a precision trim pot and an LED. This circuit allows for precise setting of the Bias for the Technician using a Volt Meter or - a “near perfect” setting of the Bias for the not-so-technically-minded Musician/Owner with a very small “flathead” screwdriver. Owner’s and non-technicians can adjust their Bias when re-tubing by setting the BIAS ADJUST switch to SET LED and following the Bias Adjustment Instructions below.


  • Tube Power Amp and Preamp featuring 4xKT88 Power Tubes & 3x12AX7 Preamp Tubes / *IMPORTANT NOTE: Tube Amps sound as loud as Solid State Amps rated at several times their power (wattage) rating. Plug in and compare – Amazing power, unmatched fat, enveloping tone and inspiring feel
  • Class A/B, Multi-Watt™ Power Amp provides three power options via a Full/Half/Low Power Switch. Choose from a tube armada of: 4 power tubes, producing 250 Tube-Watts* (“Sounds like in excess of 500”) or 2 tubes, producing 125 Tube-Watts*
  • Adjustable Bias control with LED indicator to accommodate wider tolerances found in KT88’s
  • Input Select Switch (Normal, Vintage or Active)
  • All-Tube Preamp featuring: Gain, Active Bass, Passive Mids, Active Treble, 5-Position Active Mid-Voicing Switch and Master Volume
  • Footswitchable Solo Level Control (Patent 6,724,897) REQUIRES OPTIONAL Prodigy Footswitch (sold separately)
  • Tuner Output (back panel) with Play/Mute Switch (front panel)
  • Fully Buffered FX Loop
  • Balanced XLR Line Out w/Ground Lift (back panel) and Pre/Post Switch & D.I. Level Control (front panel)
  • 3x 1/4” Speaker Output Jacks (1x8 Ohm & 2x4 Ohm)
  • Slave Out
  • Fan Cooled
  • External Switching Jacks for: Tuner Mute, Mid Voice & Solo
  • OPTIONAL 4 Button Prodigy Footswitch (sold separately) provides footswitchable Mid Voice, Solo, FX Loop & Mute control, PLUS provides an additional ¼” Tuner-Output Jack
  • Slip Cover w/Padded Handle
  • Mesa/Boogie products are ONLY available for US shipping. Must be a U.S. resident.
  • Shipping charges apply.

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