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Body Finishes

Standard Finishes - Included in Price
2-Tone Sunburst
3-Tone Sunburst
Belair Green
Candy Apple Red Metallic
Emerald Blue Metallica
Emeral Green Metallic
Fullerton Red
Graphite Metallic
Himalayan Blue
Lake Placid Blue Metallic
Margarita Metallic
Midnight Blue Metallic
Pearl White
Royal Purple Metallic
Ruby Red Metallic
Shoreline Gold
Silver Metallic
Sonic Blue
Spanish Copper Metallic
Tangerine Metallic
Tobacco Sunburst
Vintage White
Yellow Fever
Yukon Gold Metallic
* Satin "Frost" Top Coat Available on All Standard Finishes
Premier Finishes - $79.00 Upgrade
* Blonde
* Butterscotch
Clear Blue
Clear Forest Green
Clear Orange
Clear Red
Lemon Drop
Natural Gloss
* Not Available With Premium Flamed Top
Metal Flake - $299.00 Upgrade
Blue Flake
Gold Flake
Green Flake
Orange Flake
Red Flake
Silver Flake
Turquoise Flake
Nitrocellulose Finishes - Available on Rustic Models Only - Incluced In Price
2-Tone Sunburst
3-Tone Sunburst
Butterscotch Blonde
Fullerton Red
Lake Placid Blue
* Not Available With Premium Flamed Top

Swamp Ash Body

Swamp Ash Body May Be Used With Any Finish - $79.00 Upgrade
No Additional Charge When Used With Premier Finishes

Maple Tops

Premium Flamed Maple Top With Ash Body Back Only - $399.00 Upgrade
Premium Quilted Maple Top With Ash Body Back Only - $499.00 Upgrade

More Options - Call or Email for Pricing

Bass Neck Profiles

Neck # Name Shape Nut Width Radius 1st Fret Depth 2nd Fret Depth
5 G&L Vintage "C" C 1 3/4" 7 1/2" 0.820 0.940
6 G&L Vintage Narrow "C" C 1 1/2" 7 1/2" 0.820 0.920
7 G&L Modern "C" C 1 1/2" 12" 0.820 0.940
8 G&L Modern Narrow "C" C 1 1/2" 12" 0.820 0.920
*10 G&L 5 String "C" C 1 3/4" 12" 0.820 0.940
12 G&L Modern Medium "C" C 1 5/8" 12" 0.820 0.940
* 5 Strings Basses Are Only Available With #10 Neck


Medium Jumbo The standard frets on all G&L basses. A great balance.
Vintage For players who prefer the slim frets of '50s and '60s Leo instruments.
Stainless Steel Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel version is extra durable for longetivity. A great choice for extensive touring or musicians with an aggressive playing style.
Stainless Steel Vintage Feels just like a '50s or '60s Leo bass, but Stainless Steel will last significantly longer before a fret dressing is needed.

Neck Woods

Quartersawn Hard Rock Maple Quartersawn Maple is extremely strong and stable, making it the ideal choice for touring or any player who travels frequently with the instrument.
Flatsawn Hard Rock Maple Standard on guitars and basses, Hard Rock Maple is strong and stable.
Rosewood Fingerboard Less bright tone than Maple, Rosewood has a classic look and feel.
Ebony Fingerboard About as bright as Maple, Ebony is dark, smooth and popular with players who like a "fast" feel.
Bird's Eye Maple Fingerboard Bird's Eye Maple is beautiful way to dress up the front while still retaining the feel of a conventional Maple fingerboard

Fretless Options

Rosewood Fingerboard Available with or without white inlayed ghostlines. Set-up with half-round strings.
Ebony Fingerboard Available with or without white inlayed ghostlines.

Neck Finishes

Vintage Tint Gloss Has a hue of an aged finish. Can work well for both a vintage or modern look. Not recommended with Wood Binding on a Swamp Ash body (doesn't match well).
Light Tint Gloss More of a subtle hue than Vintage Gloss, adds character and warmth to the look. Versatile.
Clear Gloss A great choice for use with a Natural Gloss finish.
Clear Satin Standard on most models, satin is smooth and easy playing.
Colored Headstock A great way to add style, a headstock face that matches the body finish in burst, single-color transparent, or solid finish. Black also complements many body finishes.


Neck Binding Neck binding is available in white only.
Body binding Body binding is available in white only, and can be ordered "single bound" or "double bound".
Available on ASAT Bass only.
Wood Binding Clear band around body perimeter. Especially beautiful with Premium Flame or Quilt tops.

Pickguard Options

3-ply pickguards Available in White Pearloid, Black Pearloid, Tortoise Shell, Vintage Creme, Mint Green, Black, White, Mirror
1-ply pickguards Available in Black, White, Mirror