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Dunlop DUNLOP DEN1356
Dunlop DEN1356 Extra Heavy Electric Guitar Strings

Dunlop DEN1356 Extra Heavy Electric Guitar Strings

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Detailed Description

A unique combination of crisp highs, aggressive mids, and a focused low end gives Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings a voice all their own. The Dunlop recipe for string-to-string balance and responsiveness produces string sets that are perfect for dynamic lead work, while notes in a chord ring out clearly whether clean or heavily distorted. This powerful voice is delivered in a low tension string with a smooth tactile feel that breaks in fast and lasts a long time. Available in all popular gauges including light top/heavy bottom 9's and 10's. Warm and clear tone Smooth tactile feel Low tension Long lasting

DEN1066 LIGHT 6/SET Gauge: 9-42
DEN2016 MEDIUM 6/SET Gauge: 10-46
DEN2056 10'S LIGHT TOP HEAVY BOTTOM 6/SET Gauge: 10-52
DEN3006 MEDIUM HEAVY 6/SET Gauge: 11-50
DEN3516 HEAVY 6/SET Gauge: 12-54
DEN3756 EXTRA HEAVY 6/SET Gauge: 13-56

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