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Dean Markley 8802
Dean Markley Misfits Skullbuster Electric Guitar Strings 11-48
Misfits Skullbuster Electric Guitar Strings 11-48
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Detailed Description

Dean's strings hold up and maintain their original intensity through the severe beating we give them far better than any others we've played. Overall we like to use just a little bigger gauges. That way we get a tighter, fatter sound.

We don't want to put extra tension on the neck that it doesn't need. Our approach is… bigger string, louder and a heavier sound. That's what we're about.

We exclusively use Dean Markley strings on a custom Misfits Annihilator guitar that we designed and built ourselves. It goes through a Bass amp head because it goes to a level of 90. It’s got more power and gives a lot more bottom end—which helps define our sound… especially live.









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