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Dean Guitars

The Awesome New Dean Guitars for 2008.  Dime Razorbacks, Dave Mustaine, Trivium, MLs, Vs and many more.

Check out this bloody brilliant Dean Dimebag Razorback 255 Union Jack.  Only 36 ever made, and now one can be yours!

Check out our Sick Dean USA Guitars!
Megadeth Dave Mustaine Joins Dean. Dean introduces the new Dave Mustaine Signature Guitars.
Dean Dimebag Razorback 10000 Comm TK Tribute Electric Guitar Dean Dimebag Razorback Cemetery Gates Tribute Electric Guitar
Dean from Hell DFH Dime Slime Electric Guitar Dean Dimebag Razorback Explosion Lefty Tribute Electric Guitar
Dean Stealth Floyd Rose Snake Graphic Electric Guitar Dean Stealth Two-Tone Silver-Black Electric Guitar
Dean Dimebag Razorback V 25.5 Scale Guitar Dean Dimebag Razorback DB Guitar
Dean Razorback V Classic Guitar Dean Razorback V Standard Tribute Guitar in Metallic Red
Dean USA Dimebag ML War Camo Tribute guitar. Dean Dime USA Razorback Camo Guitar
Dean Dimebag USA Razorback V Skulls Guitar Dean Dimebag Darrell Razorback 7 Guitar
Dean Dimebag Darrell Razorback 255 Guitar Dean Razorback Rust Tribute Guitar
Dean USA Dime Razorback V Two-Tone Guitar Dean FBD Dimebag Tribute ML Guitar
Dean USA Rebel Razorback Guitar Dean Dixie Rebel Tribute ML Guitar
Dean From Hell CFH Guitar Dean Explosion Razorback Tribute Guitar
Dean Dime-O-Flame ML Guitar Dean Razorback Slime Bumblebee Tribute Guitar
Dean Razorback Two-Tone Tribute Guitar Dean Razorback Shards Tribute Guitar
Dean Dimebag Darrel ML Tribute Guitar Dean Dimeblade ML Tribute Guitar
Dean Dime-O-Flage ML Tribute Guitar

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott

Darrell Lance Abbott was born in Arlington, Texas, to country songwriter Jerry Abbott. His father owned a recording studio, Pantego Sound Studios, in Pantego, Texas, where Darrell had seen many blues guitarists play; but it was not until hearing Ace Frehley of KISS play that he wanted to start playing guitar himself. At first, he wanted to play the drums. However, after discovering that he wasn't as good as his brother Vincent, he decided to try the guitar instead. At an early age, Abbott began entering statewide guitar competitions and by the age of sixteen had been banned from entering because he had won too often. He often competed against guitar players who had up to twelve years more experience of playing guitar than him, yet his skills surpassed theirs and he was invited to begin judging the contests in question. It was through the prizes he won including the guitar that has since become his trademark that he was able to start Pantera.

Pantera was formed in 1981 with Dimebag's brother Vinnie Paul on drums. In the band's early days, Pantera could be considered what would later be referred to (sometimes in a derogatory sense) as glam metal, but the band eventually evolved into "true" metal (a term used by many scene purists) often classified under the subgenre groove metal, or, by term coined by the band "power groove". Pantera went on to become one of the most influential and popular heavy metal bands of the 1990s. The band officially split in 2003 due to conflicts between members.

After Pantera broke up, Darrell and his brother Vinnie decided to continue their music careers with a new band, Damageplan, with Patrick Lachman (vocals) and Bob Zilla (bass guitar). Their debut album, New Found Power, reached number 37 on the charts in 2004. The band was effectively ended with Dimebag's murder.

In his early career as a musician, Dimebag used Dean ML guitars (Most notably the "Dean From Hell" that was custom painted in a lightning bolt design) and Bill Lawrence L500xl pickups, which he would install in a reversed position to have the treble blade facing the neck.

As a tribute to the late great, Dean Guitars released the new Dime Tribute line of ML guitars. These guitars come in various models, ranging from lower end ones that have a stop tail piece, a bolt-on neck, Basswood Body, and lower quality pickups, to higher end models with Dimebuckers, a Floyd Rose bridge, and set neck construction. Dean has also produced a unique Dime signature-design guitar, called the "Razorback", (now being used by Matt Heafy of metal band Trivium) reminiscent of Dean's classic ML design, but with a more modern twist.

These tribute models include the USA Razorback Rust Tribute Guitar, the USA Dime Razorback V Two-Tone Guitar, the FBD Dimebag Tribute ML Guitar, the USA Rebel Razorback Guitar, the Dixie Rebel Tribute ML Guitar, the Dean From Hell CFH Cowboy From Hell Guitar, the Explosion Razorback Tribute Guitar, the Dime-O-Flame ML Guitar, the Razorback Slime Bumblebee Tribute Guitar, the Razorback Two-Tone Tribute Guitar, the Razorback Shards Tribute Guitar, the DBD Dimebag Darrel ML Tribute Guitar, the Dimeblade ML Tribute Guitar, and the Dime-O-Flage ML Tribute Guitar.

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